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This was the first carousel to have the brass ring set up so that if you reached just far enough, you could maybe once in a while grab one. Reply from -. Reply from Jim Frederick Mississauga - Canada. Brave young people could risk a bad tumble by reaching out to catch a ring as they raced past. If you were lucky and caught a brass ring, you tirned it in for a free extra ride, So "he grabbed the brass ring" translates into "he had a bit of good luck.

Why is a brass ring a symbol of success? We are in the fairground, specifically on a carousel or merry-go-round. At one time, the riders on the outside row of horses were often given a little challenge.

Grab the Brass Ring

Once the ride started moving, a metal arm was swung out—on some rides this held a single brass ring, which riders could try to grab as they passed. Anyone who managed to retrieve it could redeem it for a free ride. Another system had a dispenser of rings, most of which were steel and had no value, but one per ride was the brass one that won the prize.

Brass ring came to have the figurative sense of a prize, in particular one that was hard to gain. Grabbing the brass ring, going for the brass ring or reaching for the brass ring were all used to refer to the opportunity to compete for a grand prize. Thread Tools. Display Modes.

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Serious Question: What does "grabbing the brass ring" even refer to, functionally?

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Stay with me to the end because I have a surprise for you. I was feeling kind of slug like this past Sunday. Wanting to go outdoors but not really wanting to travel too far or be too strenuous. Remembering a place 3 km away that always had cars parked there and a road that lead straight downhill into who knows what, I have wanted to investigate for quite a while. It looked like this road, well, a path really, headed down into a valley.

I wondered if the Mangfall River was down there somewhere. We walked to the bottom of this Gorge. Long and steep with trees lining the paths. Getting to the bottom, we were faced with a choice.

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A Fork in the road. The simple pure beauty of Mossy knees. The early wild flowers daring to poke their delicate heads above ground. To quietly watch the dappled sunlight on a forest pond just coming to life this Spring. And to marvel at the incredible height of the German pines. She has flowed far from where we usually see her. Now wild instead of humanly contained. The Church hidden high on the crest of the Bluff above us.

Every tiny Hamlet, even with 5 houses, has a Kirche. The trains unexpectedly cutting through the trees taking families to and from their Sunday outings. Once we climbed out of the gorge, it would only do to find the Church.

Grab The Brass Ring Grab The Brass Ring
Grab The Brass Ring Grab The Brass Ring
Grab The Brass Ring Grab The Brass Ring
Grab The Brass Ring Grab The Brass Ring
Grab The Brass Ring Grab The Brass Ring
Grab The Brass Ring Grab The Brass Ring
Grab The Brass Ring Grab The Brass Ring

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