Letter from a Stranger

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I was interested in the trauma of a person going missing; many had gone missing in the Holocaust. Many of my books touched on serious subjects; this is one of those books. My books are mostly character driven.

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The Jewish part is absolutely necessary. You need to have the mystery, the dramatic intent to propel the book forward.

Typically, in all her books, her main character is a career-oriented woman of strong character. Bradford also typically vividly and colorfully describes the food the characters eat and their often opulent surroundings.


My Letter To A Stranger

I worked ten hours a day on this book. Israel has to be supported by the West, by America and the UK. The Holocaust did happen, people are forgetting things. I cried when I wrote the memoir because of what my husband and his family went through.

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We have to remind people that six million were exterminated and it can happen again and it is happening in other countries. I chose to write about it because I feel very strongly about it.

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I believe this could be amusing. One needs a lot of nerve to do it and very few people have that.

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Nothing of the kind: the house is an extremely respectable bourgeois residence; I, and everyone else, mild-mannered members of the bourgeoisie who nevertheless, as is happening to me at this very moment, may feel an irresistible impulse to make some adolescent-style mischief, in spite of my age and in spite of everything else. I am going to copy this letter and send it to another stranger as well.

Added by 4 of our members. Captivating and evocative, Letter from Istanbul will take you on an unforgettable journey from idyllic Connecticut to exotic Istanbul to war-torn Berlin then back to the present day.

One day a letter arrives at its intended destination -- Connecticut. The addressee, Deborah Nolan, no longer lives there but the house is used on weekends by her twin children, Justine and Richard. On opening the letter, Justine discovers that her maternal grandmother is still alive. At eighty years old, Leah has written to her daughter Deborah, begging for reconciliation after ten estranged years.

Letter from a Stranger Letter from a Stranger
Letter from a Stranger Letter from a Stranger
Letter from a Stranger Letter from a Stranger
Letter from a Stranger Letter from a Stranger
Letter from a Stranger Letter from a Stranger
Letter from a Stranger Letter from a Stranger
Letter from a Stranger Letter from a Stranger

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