Miracle Prayer for Finding Love

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Guide them to the right person

I miss her so much and tried everything to save our marriage. Please God lead me to my soulmate. I am not ok with no more love in my life. And I want to leave so badly but I have no where to go. I want my love to love me back. Dear heavenly father, my past is not perfect as you willed it to be.

Yet I repented and now live a celabit life. Full of church, prayers and putting all my trust in you! I come before you today to ask though I can not even dream of looking upon you for my past sins are forgiven your light is to powerful to look upon. I ask you father by your will for my entrance into heaven, to find the man you have foretold me of.

Jake Floyd. Have him enter my life dear Jesus and let us love each other as we grow closer to you together. Guilds us, and love what you put together. In your most holy way. In your holy name I pray let your will be done! Help me believe that there is a man in this world that will someday come into my life and love me and care about me as my best friend, my love, my partner for life. Help me stay on the path you have chosen for me as I know that you want my life to be full of happiness and love.

Forgive me for my mistakes and my sins. Help heal the wounds of my past so I can move forward to be the person you want me to be.

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Thank you for the wonderful blessings in my life that I hope to share soon with my true love, the man you have chosen for me. Please continue to watch over us when we begin to share our lives together that we may always be thankful for the wonderful gifts you have given us and forever be thankful for one another. Dear God, Please help my 31 year old daughter Margaret find true love.

Prayer to find true love and soul-mate

She needs help to find happiness. Dear God please help to find someone who will accept me who im and help me also to hil my pain I been broken hearted for almost 10years now cos still cont get over with him amin. Dear Lord I come to you because at times I feel as if I was born to be alone and other times as if I was meant to be with someone worth my time. Ive had numerous of guys that have crossed my path approach me but no one worthy of staying and being the man that I would see myself building with. I was married to my husband for 25 years.

I would like to say that I am a loving caring and sincere person. I know strife and fear but I made it through the love and Grace of God. He had a good home children that was not his own only the last born but they have respected him. I have forgiven him but my youngest son started getting epilepsy because of my husbands death.

Today I need a little help. My weary steps are steps I can no longer walk alone. I am asking of You dear Lord, send me a soul- mate that love You as I Love you and that will love me for who I am and not what they want me to be.

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I ask you Lord to bring to everyone here the love that they so desire. I pray that they continue to have faith and believe that you have heard their prayers and will bring to them their soul-mate. And, I believe that you will.

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I feel just lonley in my life now a days, For years I have been searching for a good boyfriend who can keep me happy nd who just care me as a friend.. And I really wish my prayers and my concepts will be fullfiled by my Almighty….. I will remind U this in prayers too…. Dear Lord, help us to find our partner in. Someone who can call our own.

And someone whose ready to get into marriage.

Prayer For Love and Miracle - Daily Prayer For Miracles and Love

This we pray in Jesus name. Please my Lord, hear the above written prayers and make it happen as they requested in the name of Jesus Christ. Make it their living truth.

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My God in heaven, please make these prayers a reality of their life. God, you love us so much, you will never leave us to suffer for long. Open our eyes, show us the ways, make us meet our husbands who will love us the ways we love them and above. Please God you know us better, give us what we have never even dreamed off.

Dear god please helpt me find a good man that is close to you mature and one that will love you more than he loves me but loves me appreciates me and stays by my side no matter what and excepts all of my flaws and just loves me for me , lord hear our prayer , amen. Lead me lord wherever I go and whatever I decisions and plans I have. I trust you lord and I have strong faith in you Lord God. This is ask you in the name of the Lord God. I just want to ask you to help me, to find my true soul mate, someone who cares about and loves me. Someone I can express all my love too and makes me happy, I ask you to grant love and peace in my life and allow me to love as well.

I pray Lord that you will help me to love myself before I can love someone else, and not settle for less. I pray you will grant me someone who will up lift me and encourage me to be better. I pray Lord that when the right one is meant to be, he will come in your timing.

2. A Thankful Miracle Prayer

Lord pls help me to find my true love for me na matagal ko na po pi nag ddsal na mkita ko na po sya 38 na po ako lage ko po dna dasal na ibigy nyo na po sna o ipa kilala ang guy na pra po sakin yung mbaet ma asikaso mapag mahal ma pag kk tiwalaan po higit sa lahat madasalin at may takot sa dyos sayo ko po di na dasal dhil alm ko po na kyo po ang mas na kaka alm kung ano po ang para sakin lord pls help me to find a ryt guy for me lage po laman ng dasal ko eto sa inyo po kya lord gusto ko po kasama ko kayo sa dasal at pg hahanap po ng gusto ko lord pls help me lord salamat po amen..

Dear God!! We met 10 years ago went separate ways to learn life lessons met again in fell in love with each other, but he is not free, please release all block and let us for fill our destiny with each other. Please release all fear from our paths and keep bringing us closer. I miss him. I love him and I trust him. The time has come for us to share our lives together. Darling love, your prayer has been answered! I also have waited 5 long months and still loving you.

Dear Jesus I miss my darling love please see to it they see this end the pain of two people and rekindle the love both of us need together!


Nine two zero six three four eight zero nine six. Reach out and pray we can be together very soon thank you Jesus. Darling love your the only one you always will be. Dear god. Have my true love come to me. I pray he sees this and knows how much I miss him as much as he does me. And we can be together just him and me. Please answer my prayer Jesus he is all I want and need in my life Jake Floyd!

Prayer 75 – Finding a Love Relationship – Miracles in Prayer by Robin Duncan

Dear god forgive my love for another man but I do. Jake F. He is an ex adult star but has retired and found you him self. Jake G was his name at the time. I have forgiven him for this. But my love for him is strong. Again forgive me Jesus but I pray for your miracle of having Jake in my life.

Miracle Prayer for Finding Love Miracle Prayer for Finding Love
Miracle Prayer for Finding Love Miracle Prayer for Finding Love
Miracle Prayer for Finding Love Miracle Prayer for Finding Love
Miracle Prayer for Finding Love Miracle Prayer for Finding Love
Miracle Prayer for Finding Love Miracle Prayer for Finding Love
Miracle Prayer for Finding Love Miracle Prayer for Finding Love
Miracle Prayer for Finding Love Miracle Prayer for Finding Love
Miracle Prayer for Finding Love Miracle Prayer for Finding Love
Miracle Prayer for Finding Love

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