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This story completes the introduction of a new series character for Deaver called Colter Shaw. By the time of this story Shaw has been plying his trade for ten years and is an old hand at it. With his small team of back-office associates — neighbours in his Florida home town and a Private Investigator — Shaw travels where he needs to in search of clues. As the book opens we find Shaw struggling to rescue a pregnant lady from a sinking boat in freezing temperatures.

The task seems too much, threatening to overwhelm him and as the situation gradually worsens we flash back a few days to the events leading up to the deadly drama. A major clue to finding out who is behind a series of kidnaps is a popular video game. Deaver has obviously done a lot of research in and around the computer games industry.

His characters are lively and nicely formed, some more deeply than others. All are troubled in one way or another.

Readers new to Deaver but familiar with American thrillers will certainly enjoy his new creation. Those who have read the author before will appreciate his new direction and character.

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Those who have done neither will find this a great introduction to a renowned-for-quality, best-selling author. This is a Recommended read. One I sped through, enjoying the descriptive prose which made for very easy reading. So you know when he sets his mind to writing a novelisation, it is going to be the real-deal, fleshing-out the characters and locations he originally envisaged. The great thing about all of them so far is that Robert is continuing to develop the original detective from the television series, Richard Poole, who many will remember was portrayed by the besuited Ben Miller to brilliant effect.

In the television version we are now onto our third detective. How and why was Freddie Beaumont killed in a room that apparently no murderer could have escaped from?

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Was it a member of his estranged family or an outsider seeking revenge for the darker days of his family history, who committed the crime? A throw-away remark here or a passing description of an object there, might just be vital.

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And of course the characters we know and love are there, just as we imagine them, Dwayne, Fidel and Camille, the Commissioner too. We get to learn more about the island and its history and the dark days of slavery that was at the foundation of many businesses in the area once upon a time. The island may be fictional but the social tensions a real illustration of what must be a reality. We also get to learn a lot about basic forensics, the type of thing a keen amateur might be able to do without all the high-tech wizardry of modern science.

Indeed Richard Poole goes back a long way to uncover a relevant clue, using technology from a bygone era, provided for him by an old FBI manual.

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His team are as exasperated as ever at his unwillingness to eschew his formal woollen suit, something he believes befits his character and profession, while around him others dress more casually in the heavy heat of the Caribbean. Of course at the end DI Richard Poole gets his perpetrator, after having interviewed everyone he can and sifted through all of the evidence. Satisfying in its conclusion and true to all the characters involved. Sophie Hannah carries this all off with aplomb.

The story moves along at pace and never gets bogged-down. The original stories from this period read more darkly than the early ones. Poirot was perhaps more lonely, more solitary, a little depressed. Not so here. The Inspector is a curious construct offering the necessary bridge with the Police system and a friend in the same first-person way Captain Hastings used to be. Any criticism? Here the story is narrated partly in the first-person and partly the third. When a well-informed tip comes in, Bosch has to find a way to prove it without the benefit of a body, DNA, or a crime scene to analyze.

Fear not, though, because he has a few tricks up his sleeve and immediately gets busy looking for answers. Switchblade , released on Kindle, is only a tick over twenty pages long, but what it lacks in length, it more than makes up for with a surprising twist at the end. Your average hard-working family man just busting his hump to make ends meet, Joe Pickett is just like the rest of us.

Nate is a master falconer who, before hunting with his birds, was an elite Special Forces soldier. In this exhilarating short story, released as an eBook special on Kindle, Jack Reacher must find a way to expose a mole who is leaking classified information. Someone is whispering secrets about a new state-of-the-art, high-powered sniper rifle designed for the United States Special Forces. In Washington, Reacher is tasked with meeting and having drinks with four officers, during which he is to try and expose one of them as the mole in question. This mission, which is supposed to be quick and easy, turns into anything but, as Reacher once again finds himself in a situation that is more dangerous than he originally thought possible.

Why are some authors writing material that is available only on Kindle? How can a book reader get these novels short stories? Unfortunately, some really are only available for Kindle. However, because they are in e-form, they are usually really cheap! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Like this: Like Loading Related Articles. While searching for his brother, Nick is thrown into a secret world of lies and deceit when he learns his brother works for a defense contractor. Soon, Nick realizes that his search for his brother will be a violent struggle that pits him against individuals from his own country. In Buried Secrets, Heller has opened his own private security firm in Boston and is forced to defend his friends as enemies far and wide attempt to penetrate his inner-circle.

Vanished A Nick Heller Novel Pdf Book

With twists, suspense, and drama on every page it is impossible to put down a Joseph Finder thriller. His unique prose and ability to draw the reader in instantly is what makes Finder among the best fictional espionage writers today. As Joseph Finder begins his foray into Hollywood, if his movies are anywhere close to as riveting and exciting as his books than he will be the next big star.

Jack Reacher is back! The latest book in this extremely popular series, called Blue Moon , arrived on bookshelves at the end of October.

Twenty Short Stories That Pack a Full-Size Punch: Part 1

All Jack wants is to help an old couple and suddenly he is in the middle of a brutal gang war. Yep that sounds like Reacher. Lee Child has been killing it lately so hopefully that continues. Buy It now. The links beside each book title will take you to Amazon, who I feel are the best online retailer for books where you can read more about the book, or purchase it. Please note that as an Amazon Associate, I earn money from qualifying purchases.

If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Book s. The guy is a master! More Details. View Results.

Plan B: A Nick Heller Story (Kindle Single) Plan B: A Nick Heller Story (Kindle Single)
Plan B: A Nick Heller Story (Kindle Single) Plan B: A Nick Heller Story (Kindle Single)
Plan B: A Nick Heller Story (Kindle Single) Plan B: A Nick Heller Story (Kindle Single)
Plan B: A Nick Heller Story (Kindle Single) Plan B: A Nick Heller Story (Kindle Single)
Plan B: A Nick Heller Story (Kindle Single) Plan B: A Nick Heller Story (Kindle Single)
Plan B: A Nick Heller Story (Kindle Single) Plan B: A Nick Heller Story (Kindle Single)
Plan B: A Nick Heller Story (Kindle Single) Plan B: A Nick Heller Story (Kindle Single)
Plan B: A Nick Heller Story (Kindle Single) Plan B: A Nick Heller Story (Kindle Single)
Plan B: A Nick Heller Story (Kindle Single) Plan B: A Nick Heller Story (Kindle Single)

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