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The New Stores page has a slicer, but it provides only Store Name information. With the Sync slicers pane, you can sync the District Manager slicer to these pages, so that slicer selections on any page affect visualizations on all three pages. The Sync slicers pane appears between the Filters and Visualizations panes. Because you've already created a District Manager DM slicer on the Overview page, the Sync slicers pane appears as follows:.

This selection causes the District Monthly Sales slicer to sync across these three pages. In the Visible column of the Sync slicers pane, select the New Stores page. This selection causes the District Monthly Sales slicer to be visible in these three pages. The Sync slicers pane now appears as follows:. Observe the effects of syncing the slicer and making it visible on the other pages. On the District Monthly Sales page, notice that the District Manager slicer now shows the same selections as on the Overview page. On the New Stores page, the District Manager slicer is now visible and it selections affect the selections that are visible in the Store Name slicer.

Although the slicer initially appears on the synced pages at the same size and position as on the original page, you can move, resize, and format synced slicers on the various pages independently. If you sync a slicer to a page but don't make it visible on that page, slicer selections made on the other pages still filter the data on the page.

Different formatting options are available, depending on the slicer type. By using Horizontal orientation, Responsive layout, and Item coloring, you can produce buttons or tiles rather than standard list items, and make slicer items resize to fit different screen sizes and layouts. With the District Manager slicer selected on any page, in the Visualizations pane, select the Format icon to display the formatting controls.

Under Format , select General , select a red color under Outline color , and then change Outline weight to 2. For Orientation , Vertical is selected by default. Select Horizontal to produce a slicer with horizontally arranged tiles or buttons, and scroll arrows to access items that don't fit in the slicer.

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Turn On the Responsive layout to change the size and arrangement of slicer items according to the view screen and slicer size. For list slicers, responsive layout prevents items from being cut off on small screens. It's available only in horizontal orientations. For range slider slicers, responsive formatting changes the style of the slider and provides more flexible resizing.

Both types of slicers become filter icons at small sizes. Under X Position , Y Position , Width , and Height , set the slicer position and size with numeric precision, or move and resize the slicer directly on the canvas. Experiment with different item sizes and arrangements, and note how the responsive formatting changes accordingly. These options are available only when you select horizontal orientations. For more information about horizontal orientations and responsive layouts, see Create a responsive slicer you can resize in Power BI.

Show "Select all" option is Off by default. When enabled, this option, when toggled, selects or deselects all items. If you select all items, selecting an item deselects it, allowing an is-not type of filter. Turn Single select to Off to allow you to select multiple items without needing to hold down the Ctrl key. Single select is On by default. Selecting an item selects it, and holding down the Ctrl key selects multiple items.

Selecting item again deselects it. Title is On by default. This selection shows the data field name at the top of the slicer. For Outline , choose Frame to draw a border around each item with the size and color you set under the General options. The other formatting options are Off by default. Turn On these options to control them:. Visualization types in Power BI. Skip to main content. Exit focus mode. Theme Light.

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High contrast. Profile Bookmarks Collections Sign out. Tip Slicer list items are sorted in ascending order, by default. Tip Although the slicer initially appears on the synced pages at the same size and position as on the original page, you can move, resize, and format synced slicers on the various pages independently.

Note If you sync a slicer to a page but don't make it visible on that page, slicer selections made on the other pages still filter the data on the page. Note Responsive layout changes can override specific heading and item formatting that you set. Is this page helpful? Yes No. Left: Three-dimensional model of levator ani subdivisions including the pubic bone and pelvic viscera. Right: The same model without the pubic bone.

1.3.0 was released!

In a completely revamped version 3 of Slicer was released. Qt-enabled Slicer version 4 was released in Slicer software has enabled a variety of research publications , all aimed at improving image analysis. Slicer's platform provides functionalities for segmentation, registration and three-dimensional visualization of multimodal image data, as well as advanced image analysis algorithms for diffusion tensor imaging, functional magnetic resonance imaging and image-guided radiation therapy. Standard image file formats are supported, and the application integrates interface capabilities to biomedical research software.

Slicer has been used in a variety of clinical research. In image-guided therapy research, Slicer is frequently used to construct and visualize collections of MRI data that are available pre- and intra-operatively to allow for the acquiring of spatial coordinates for instrument tracking. In addition to producing 3D models from conventional MRI images, Slicer has also been used to present information derived from fMRI using MRI to assess blood flow in the brain related to neural or spinal cord activity , [11] DTI using MRI to measure the restricted diffusion of water in imaged tissue , [12] and electrocardiography.

Other uses of Slicer include paleontology [14] and neurosurgery planning. The Slicer Developer Orientation offers resources for developers new to the platform. Slicer development is coordinated on the slicer-devel mailing list, and a summary of development statistics is available on Ohloh. Slicer supports several types of modular development. Command-line programs in any language may be wrapped using a light-weight XML specification, from which a graphical interface is automatically generated. For modules that are not distributed in the Slicer core application, a system is available to automatically build and distribute for selective download from within Slicer. This mechanism facilitates the incorporation of code with different license requirements from the permissive BSD-style license used for the Slicer core.

The Slicer build process utilizes CMake to automatically build prerequisite and optional libraries excluding Qt.

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The core development cycle incorporates automatic testing, as well as incremental and nightly builds on all platforms, monitored using an online dashboard. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This article possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed.

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