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No wifi or data needed, the app itself runs off of satellites which contain the coordinates for many caches hidden throughout the city and country side. Some of the caches are placed in historical sites, which also give a brief history lesson on the area. Caches come in all sizes, from micro small to extra large. Most caches are well camouflaged, making geocaching a very fun experience. Every scrape, every bruise, every snow or rain soaked pair of pants are totally worth the adventure! Geocaching can also be a child friendly outing, sticking to the smaller terrain or park and grab caches.

I have yet to participate in any caching events, but will be doing so next week when the most recent one starts. Cache events involve groups of geocachers searching for specially placed caches for the particular event, which after the event stay available for other cachers to find and log. Shaun and I try to appear nonchalant as we park next to a dustbin and rather conspicuously traipse into some ivy and start feeling up and down a palisade fence.

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Two or three car washers stop their work and eye us suspiciously. Admittedly, until yesterday I was a muggle. My spirits begin to flag after a comparatively short time. I half-heartedly poke through the brush, wondering how we will find such a tiny item in this wilderness of suburban steel and underbrush. Serendipitously, Shaun appears at this moment with a triumphant grin and a duct tape-covered film canister.

It had been attached to the fence with a magnet. We write our names on the log sheet of the list of the previous finders of this cache, which is folded inside the canister, and take our leave, grinning at the muggles as we pull out of the parking lot.

There are almost two million active geocachers registered on geocaching. These virtually linked sidewalk skulkers have logged almost seven million caches around the world just in the past month. Postcards from the edge Caches range in size from micro caches the size of a film canister or smaller to ammo containers or large buckets.

Every cache will, at the least, comprise a container of some sort and a log sheet on which finders record their names.

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Larger caches also contain items for trade. This means if you take an item you must replace it with one of equal or greater value. And you are never allowed to take the cache itself.

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Your goal, in fact, is to ensure it stays hidden for the next geocacher to find. Some say the roots of geocaching hail from the grasslands of Dartmoor in the s. Hikers on the English moors dropped postcards in boxes along the hiking trail, leaving subsequent trekkers to find the postcards and post them. But even a pastime uninterrupted since the Victorian era cannot escape the reaches of technology. According to geocaching.

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It was a black plastic bucket containing software, videos, books, food, money and a slingshot. Today, geocaching rules prevent you from leaving food or cash and if my second geocache of the day is anything to go by, you are more likely to find a broken cigarette lighter, a koala-shaped Australian key-ring and a suspiciously mottled bone-like object that we guessed at one point comprised part of a bovine spinal cord. I swap my Vegas key ring for the Australia key ring, which seems like the only thing in the cache worth having. They travel to most caches together and often have to hike and climb to their caching destinations.

Deanna logs all their finds on an extensive Excel spreadsheet, plans the routes and downloads the caches to their GPS — a Garmin c. But afterwards they could log their experience on geocaching. And that, it seems, is enough. There are bragging rights for the first person to find a newly placed cache. Some people look for geocaches of a high level of difficulty. Durban-based IT consultant John Hovelmeier is trying to find at least one geocache on every day of the year. Considering he has already found everything within an 80km radius of his house, this is no mean feat.

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  5. Hovelmeier caches in the early mornings and after work and plans weekend road trips to achieve his goal. He tries to cache with his wife and two daughters, aged four and eight, whenever possible.

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    Geocaching has introduced him to a whole new community. Losing direction We have met no fellow cachers at our third site of the day. It is a multicache, which means you need to find a first cache, which will provide the co-ordinates to a second and final one. But after an hour of scrambling around the Sandton Field and Study park, the unthinkable happens. The geocaching app is gone. We are directionless. Springtime thunder clouds gather overhead. There is darkness and an urgent feeling in the air: a storm is on its way.

    The first drops of rain land on my arms mockingly, but still, we forge ahead.

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    Perhaps this is how the Bowmans felt in their 12th hour of gale-force wind in the Drakensberg. We, like them, will persist. And, finally, hurried celebrations as we pull out the cache, covered in camouflage paper, from the trunk of a tree. But even now it is not over.

    The Geocache Killer The Geocache Killer
    The Geocache Killer The Geocache Killer
    The Geocache Killer The Geocache Killer
    The Geocache Killer The Geocache Killer
    The Geocache Killer The Geocache Killer
    The Geocache Killer The Geocache Killer
    The Geocache Killer The Geocache Killer
    The Geocache Killer The Geocache Killer

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