The Monsters Who Knew Us

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My fascination with monsters does not stem from a love of horror, but from a love of fairy tale and fantasy.

Fairy tale and horror are cousins and fairy tale is riddled with all kinds of monsters — good, bad, and between. Monsters can say something profound about our fears and anxieties about the outside world and about ourselves, as well as just being fantastical. I think every poem in Monster 36 is a little fairy tale or at least contributes to a larger fantasy.

The simple half.

Poetry is the perfect stage for monsters and I would be doing them a disservice if I set them aside. What I find attractive about monsters is their durability. Monsters fill me with wonder, dread and humility. They can be killers, victims, or both. There is a distinct difference, I feel, between the non-human and the monstrous.

In the case of two of my favourite movie monsters, King Kong and Creature from the Black Lagoon , they are both killers and victims. The term m onstrous can of course be contributed to someone or something hideous in appearance or large in stature, but I contribute it to someone or something that actively tries to harm others. Ultimately, Kong and the Gil-Man are tragic, sympathetic characters. Could you speak a bit about this poem and how it fits in with the theme?

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What are the different ways monsters present themselves? Does a monster always have to be something scary? AP : The Sea was a strangely fun poem to write. I wanted to tell a horrible story in a beautiful way — dress up the tragedy of someone drowning themselves using colour, light, and motion.

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For me, this poem is about the monsters that live inside us. They can be the most terrifying and the most dangerous kind of monsters. Some people learn to live with them, control them, expel them, use them, but sometimes those monsters win.


The metaphorical and the sociological sides of monsters fascinate me. Our fears and anxieties are always changing, growing and being reborn, both in society and within ourselves.

Lakhdar Boumediene spent seven years in hell—until the courts intervened.

But, if you allow room for failure and learn to live with or love your imperfections, then I think you can work past a fear of monsters and maybe even learn to love them like I have. AP : I love the idea that monsters can have irrational fears just like we do. There is also a universal fear of the unfamiliar and the unknown, and in monster movies and literature, that unfamiliar thing is more often than not, human.

DL: There is such precision in these poems; pieces composed of few lines that pack what feels like such a vast story within them. I felt like I was being greeted by an eerie creature about to lead me on a journey. Where does it breathe? How does it develop? I imagine that perhaps the character is less of an animal or a plant, but more like a mushroom.

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The DNA is closer to an animal than it is to plants, but it is something different, like some kind of a fungus or a mushroom. I mean, all our bodies are colonized. Whether or not Steger is right about his musings remains to be seen since, so far, little is known about the Upside-Down and its denizens if the monster is even from the Upside-Down.

Once he was suited up as the monster, though, he lived in his own little world that made it even easier to feel and act alien. The sensory deprivation part, what you feel in the suit, what you can see, what you smell, that creates your reality picture. I wore it on my head.

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A little bit of my face was exposed, so of course that was replaced digitally with another mouthpiece that was created by Spectral Motion. It had all these motors in it and wires and cables operating it. And the way it moved was so incredible. It was a very articulated, more than you think you was possible. She got to know my name and she knew I was Mark.

And after a certain point, she started smiling.

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So that was pretty fun. Steger came to monster work through his experimental dance group Osseus Labrynt, which staged live performances off the stage and in the real world. For instance, we did a big show on the L. River in

The Monsters Who Knew Us The Monsters Who Knew Us
The Monsters Who Knew Us The Monsters Who Knew Us
The Monsters Who Knew Us The Monsters Who Knew Us
The Monsters Who Knew Us The Monsters Who Knew Us
The Monsters Who Knew Us The Monsters Who Knew Us
The Monsters Who Knew Us The Monsters Who Knew Us
The Monsters Who Knew Us The Monsters Who Knew Us
The Monsters Who Knew Us The Monsters Who Knew Us
The Monsters Who Knew Us

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