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Hundreds Of Zombies March In London In Honor Of 'The Walking Dead's' th Episode - uInterview

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Created by. Kelbak Last Online 3 days ago. Guide Index. Medal Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies. Great First Step. For Your Health. BOT Master. Survival Master. Zombie Hunter. Close and Personal. CSN:Z Fanatic. Lone Combatant. Attack Midfielder. Defensive Midfielder. Center Back. Beyond MVP. Zombie Grinder.


Explosive Expert. Dead Growth. Daily Deity. Killer K. Zombie Buster. Scenario Expedition. Hawk Eye. Demo Man. Weapon Specialist. Bot 2. Rain of Fire. Medals are achievement systems for the players of Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies.

Zombies Honor

The medals can be used before a player's name. Task: Reach Level 6. Excessive game playing may be hazardous to your health. Task: AFK in lobby is still counted. Medal: Headhunter Honor Points: 10 Description: A medal given to players who have scored or more head shots.

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Task: Play against Very Easy Bots. Scenario modes will also work. Task: Patience is the key to success.

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Estate and Industry2 in Deathmatch mode is recommended for a more rapid progress. Task: Avoid being detected by the zombies. Cooperate with professional players. Patience is just the key to success. Suicidal is also counted. Note: Need at least 2 players in game.

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  • Hundreds Of Zombies March In London In Honor Of ‘The Walking Dead’s’ 100th Episode.
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Task: Use powerful weapons to kill zombies easily. Use Deadly Shot ability to increase the damage.

Vic Mensa Covers' 'Zombie' In Honor Of The Cranberries' Dolores O'Riordan

Focus on newly infected human first. Medal: Close and Personal Honor Points: 10 Description: A medal given to players who have killed opponent 10, times or more using melee weapons. Play any Knife Battle mode. Doing Killing Machine might also obtain Sword Master. We ain't judging! Task: Play the game more than 1 hour or longer during Christmas. Task: Create a room and playing with another player.

When you want to finish the game, call 4 other players to join. Don't quit from the game until the end.

Only available in rooms with 6 players and above. Medal: Libero Honor Points: 20 Description: Tackle the ball times, pass times, score goals and defense a goal for times in Soccer mode. Medal: Playmaster Honor Points: 30 Description: times of support, pass times and score goals in Soccer mode. Task: Don't quit from the game until the end.

You can get 1 MVP per game. If you have money, upgrade three statuses All level 8. Task: Recommended map: Contact : You can activate the Health Treatment by pressing E button makes increasing your heatlh and you can kill zombies without dying. Tips: Kevlar is still needed so that health does not decrease too fast.

Hundreds Of Zombies March In London In Honor Of ‘The Walking Dead’s’ 100th Episode

Choose the best place that can kill zombies as much as you can. Remember don't camp for too long if you don't move more than 5 min.

enter site It can be finished in 90 minutes with right circumstances, and it also can be done alone. Task: If playing with other players, 2 players needed to be counted. Playing 1 vs 1 with Bot also counts if attempting it alone, player should choose small maps and set the match to knife battle for quick farming. Medal: Philanthropist Honor Points: 30 Description: Present cash items 30 times to friend, not 30 items in one go.

Zombies Honor Zombies Honor
Zombies Honor Zombies Honor
Zombies Honor Zombies Honor
Zombies Honor Zombies Honor
Zombies Honor Zombies Honor

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